Monday, February 26, 2007

Tiling, etc.

We now have most of the tiling done on the bathroom floor. Ed came up Wednesday through Sunday (he was planning on heading home Saturday but got trapped by the snowstorm). We mainly worked on firming up the floor and putting down cement board and tile in the bathroom.

These hand-crafted metal support posts helped lift a corner of the basement ceiling by the staircase.

We put up a few joist hangers and added a couple of sister joists for some that needed a little help.

We put up 2x8 blocks between joists along the middle of a 13' span. This is right under the bathroom, so it should make the floor up there a little more firm. (The blocks transfer the load to neighboring joists.) It took a long time (and about 30' of 2x8s) to do all of these, but I think it'll be worth it.

HardiBacker cement board.

Ed putting down mortar and tiles. Notice the fancy diagonal cut tiles along the wall - we broke about 5 of them trying to figure out how to score and snap them.

Cool, huh? We still need to get some holes/curves cut and do the grout, but it's getting closer...

The clawfoot bathtub came last week. (Many thanks to Ken for helping me carry it in.)

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